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3 Types of Videos That Grab Customer Attention

Stats About Video Consumption When the iPhone released and the ensuing smartphone boom steamrolled forward, the rise of YouTube coincided with it. Putting a smartphone in every person’s pocket was really something like putting a mobile video player in their pockets. At this point in time, a portable DVD player seems laughably absurd. As you […]


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Photography Basics

Effective, quality photography is something that Adrenaline Broadcasting prides itself on. There is a big difference between good photography and great photography, and Adrenaline Broadcasting aims to outperform any professional production service you may have used in the past. We offer high-quality marketing, videography, photography, social media marketing services, commercial production, live event production, media […]


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New Orleans Social Media Promotional Videos

You probably know that social media is one of the most successful platforms for online advertising. If you spend more than a few minutes on Instagram, you’re bound to see a paid advertisement for a huge liquor or food brand. However, not all social media promotion is created equally. There are some great tips and […]