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What Types of Videos Do Best On Social Media?

In our last post, we discussed 3 types of videos that are great at grabbing attention online. Today, we’re going to be discussing a few tips on how to make your videos do really well on social media in particular. At Adrenaline Broadcasting, we think this is an important distinction to make, as the types […]


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Things to Consider When Shooting a TV Commercial

Throughout the years, we’ve made many successful commercials for brands small and large. Our team at Adrenaline Broadcasting has seen and done it all. 4k videography, professional graphic design that gives your TV spot the polish it deserves or simply using the best angles to create a unique visual experience. While all of these things […]


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3 Types of Videos That Grab Customer Attention

Stats About Video Consumption When the iPhone released and the ensuing smartphone boom steamrolled forward, the rise of YouTube coincided with it. Putting a smartphone in every person’s pocket was really something like putting a mobile video player in their pockets. At this point in time, a portable DVD player seems laughably absurd. As you […]