video editing services

Video Editing

Our editing department is handled with great importance, since editing is what determines the final product. We work off of an optimum, non-linear editing system, which keeps the recorded content protected as we edit off of copied files. We carry modern programs and applications that enhance the techniques of video editing. That includes video manipulation, sound editing, visual effects, motion capture, and so much more. Our editors are well trained in techniques for live events, film, television, ENG and all other media forms that we serve. We edit each of our projects within their own respective style, since an ENG is not the same kind of presentation as a live sports event. The edit will, of course, be left up to the client’s final approval. Depending on the level of their involvement, the client has total control on how their final product is produced. This includes whether they prefer to commission our editors or to edit the video themselves.

Video Editing Services

  • Sound Editing 
  • Special Effects
  • Motion Capture
  • Live Event Editing
  • Sports Videography Editing
  • Web Content Editing
  • …and more

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