Complete Media Services

Creative Video Production Solutions

Our experience and technical expertise allow us to engage in every facet of multiple creative outlets. We have extensive expertise in video production, sports videography (including major sporting events), video editing, ENG shoots, documentaries, 3D animation, and commercials. We collaborate with partners and clients to continually bring the highest level of quality to their productions.

HD Videography

Video production is one of the leading and most impactful creative trades in the market. Here at Adrenaline Broadcasting, we thrive off of giving you both the creative and technical capabilities needed to fulfill your vision. We provide up-to-date equipment, creative techniques, and multifaceted production services for your video content. We offer both High Definition and 4K image quality in our camera department. Our directors of photography are well trained in the art of videography and consistently produce quality work, no matter what the medium is. With the necessary technologies for your project, we always put you first in collaboration; you can be as involved as you prefer for your project to come to fruition. Whether it is for film, television, web media, commercials, or live events, we respect the impact that video has on our viewers, and we are here to give you the best image for your creative presentation.

Video Editing

Our editing department is handled with great importance, since editing is what determines the final product. We work off of an optimum, non-linear editing system, which keeps the recorded content protected as we edit off of copied files. We carry modern programs and applications that enhance the techniques of video editing. That includes video manipulation, sound editing, visual effects, motion capture, and so much more. Our editors are well trained in techniques for live events, film, television, ENG and all other media forms that we serve. We edit each of our projects within their own respected style, since an ENG is not the same kind of presentation as a live sports event. The edit will of course be left up to the client’s final approval. Depending on the level of their involvement, the client has total control on how their final product is produced. This includes whether they prefer to commission our editors or to edit the video themselves.

3D Animation & Graphic Design

A marketing campaign’s success can be defined by something as simple as a well-made logo. Our technical artists understand the science behind drawing the eye to a particular image, moving or still. Our motion graphics artists make any character or title seem alive and real within a fully digital environment. Our 3D Animation and Graphic Design department provides top-level digital graphics and presentations for our clients’ needs. Our previous requests have ranged from CG cityscapes, 360-degree logo shots, lower third profiles, motion tracking, and various CG animation models. With our technical skills reaching all modes of animation, the only limit is your imagination.

TV Commercial Production

Our Video production department offers a large range of both technical and creative resources to produce your commercial. These resources include versatile camera, lighting, sound, and set equipment to produce a variety of visionary ads. We also have an equally talented video-editing department to assemble the final product. Our creative technicians are adept at both special and visual effects, since many commercials require effects-heavy presentation. We even offer collaboration between you and our staff to make sure that everything is up to your specifications. Whether you are looking for a epic story, or an intimate message, there is no limit to our production’s capability.

Live Event Production

We at Adrenaline pride ourselves on our live broadcasting specialties. Live video always needs to be as well prepared as recorded video. Live events are naturally wild and unpredictable, so in order to record great material, we prepare for the unexpected. We carry state of the art cameras, lights, sound, and mixing resources for bringing in the live elements into a controlled video presentation. Every single crew member is debriefed with the details of the event so that they can all work as a steady, well-oiled machine. Our directors are conscious with the key elements of the event; they always know what the audience is looking for when positioning the cameras. Whether it is for sporting events, concerts, plays, or city festivals, Adrenaline Broadcasting always keeps the audience right in the middle of the action!

Marketing & Creative Services

With TV, Film, Radio and Social Media all around us, we are constantly connected to a flowing feed of information. Although this is such a great venue for marketing, it makes it all the more important to stand out in the crowd. Our corporate videos are made with a focus on grabbing the viewer’s attention and making your company information as enticing as you know it is. We are capable of creating all kinds of viral videos, from short stories to motion graphics. Our marketing technologies are adaptable enough to meet the various forms of media. These include popular social networks, internet shopping sites, Television, and Radio. Our clients get final approval on where, when and how their content shows up.

Media Buys

Even if the content is exceptional, it still needs to be shown to the right audience. That is why our media-buying department maintains the best deals for placement of your video content. We at Adrenaline Broadcasting understand that audiences are only interested in certain programs at certain times of the week. Commercials, television programs, and live events cannot be just thrown on any schedule; they need top placement priority in order to get the right exposure. We research account demographics, psychographics, regions, pricing rates, and target audiences when negotiating the optimum placement of your video content. One thing is for sure: Your video will always be seen by the right audience.

Web Videos & Social Media Content

The World Wide Web is the dominant media force in today’s culture. Even TV and Film are now viewable through Internet domains. And with Adrenaline Broadcasting’s comprehensive grasp on web resources, your company will be apart of the dominant media collective. Our Social media department has just as many production resources as our TV and live event projects. We can even mix those different forms of media on the Internet since Social Media is a melting pot for all other forms of communication. We create videos with different formats, aspect ratios, and effects techniques that bring your unique vision to life. Rest assured, Adrenaline Broadcasting will make sure that your projects are productively trending.