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Video Interview

5 keys to a conducting a great video interview.

Interviews are the audience’s fastest and most accessible option for gaining information. In our bustling day-to-day lives, when we need the most reliable information to keep track of current affairs. But the problem is that many news-sources can be biased, or misinterpret information. That is why video interviews, although not perfect, can offer us the […]


Image for Lawyer Commercial

5 Tips for Producing Lawyer Commercials

Whatever kind of legal situation we find ourselves in, we want to come out of it with the justice, fairness, and benefits we need. But that all depends on the attorney we have at our side. So in order for a proper lawyer to show that they are the one for the job, they need […]


Video Collaboration

Video Production: The Key to Collaboration

Video Production, unlike Painting or Writing, is not a solitary craft. It is a team effort. And if anyone had to do a group project in college, they’ll remember that collaboration can be pretty tough. Adrenaline Broadcasting is always excited for collaborating with our clients. That is why it is important for us to always encourage our employees to […]


Film Slate

Top 5 tips for Short Video Production

Let’s say you were commissioned for a commercial (or shooting an original short video); it may seem a whole lot easier than shooting a feature film or TV series. However, what goes over many videographers’ heads are the principles that belong exclusively to the short form narrative. It would be wise to familiarizing yourself with […]


Video Production Being Run

Top 5 tips for Running Your Video Production Smoothly

Video production is not only a creative expression. As the name implies, it is also a production. It is putting on a show for an audience. It is a lot of hard work for the artistic vision to come to reality. Not everything about how to run a production is laid out in an equipment […]


Big Headphones

The Value of Sound in Video Production

When was the last time you walked out of a movie theater and thought, “Wow! That sounded great!” Not often, huh? That doesn’t mean that the sound was naturally bad or unimpressive. What it actually means is that the sound was doing its job perfectly. It wasn’t drawing you in to its wild rhythms. It was using its rhythms […]


Man watching web commercial on laptop

How to make your web commercial stand out

It’s no surprise that in 2016, the average attention span of audiences is no more than a few seconds. When we catch a video on Facebook, we give it a few seconds and if we’re not interested we scroll on to the next thing. That can be pretty intimidating when it comes to bringing attention […]


Video Editing

Slight of Hand: Tips to Improving your Video Editing Skills

The Editor is the unsung hero of video production. They do their job best when they go unnoticed by the general public. Like a magician, the editor needs to keep the audience focused on the show, and keep their attention away from secrets of the trick. But it’s the clever tricks of the trade that […]


destrehan plantation

New Orleans Locations for Video Production

New Orleans, Louisiana is often the subject of many blockbuster films and television shows, and for good reason. NOLA is a melting pot of culture and history, and that provides a wonderful backdrop for imaginative stories. Here are four notable video shooting locations available in the town of Good-ole New Orleans. The Audubon Zoo Want […]


social media video marketing

Using Social Media Video marketing to Boost Business

By 2019, Cisco predicts video will account for 80% of global traffic. That’s nearly 1 million minutes of video shared every second. And YouTube captures an estimated 20% of that US video advertising spend. Meanwhile, advertisers are turning to social media video marketing to drive user engagement and increase brand awareness. Brands like Sephora, Wendy’s, […]