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Man editing pictures. Represents creativity for promo video and commercial

How we nurture creativity for your projects

There are many production companies out there, but only some get their work noticed productively. Some have very capable technicians and video storytellers. But others can that forget the most important thing for any promo video or commercial is creativity. Sure, many people are creative. But it takes far more than just a good spark […]


motion graphics

Motion Graphics: What is it, and Why You Need It

There are many necessary elements of a proper video production other than simply having proper video and audio. There is a needed level of pizazz for every video, from the shortest TV spot to the largest live production. One of those elements of presentation is motion graphics. But what exactly is motion graphics? And how […]


tv commercial set

How We Make Your TV Commercial Stand Out From The Crowd

Television commercials are naturally at a disadvantage. They occupy that small space in between scenes of everyone’s favorite TV show and most people see them as filler until their show comes back. Most viewers usually take the time to use the bathroom or get something to eat. But there are a select few commercials (usually […]


How Graphic Design can be enhanced through Video

The thing about Graphic Design is that it is meant to tell a story all on its own. It is the communication of ideas through visuals and text, rather than through basic prose. Whenever you see a logo, painting, collage or similar art form, it communicates a multi-layered message to the viewer. Now imagine that […]


abstract digital pixels for 4K video editing

The power of 4K video

A great concern among filmmakers in the last two decades has been whether or not digital cinematography will ever surpass film. Although aesthetic arguments can be made, the picture quality of digital is now equal to, if not superior to top-notch film. If that wasn’t proven before, it certainly is now with the introduction of […]


Business man watching video on laptop from Web Video Production

Benefits of Using Web Videos

In the digital age that we are now living in, it can be hard to keep up with advertising amidst all of the bustlings of mass communication. Old forms of media are just not what they used to be. However, that does not mean that your business has to be left in the dust. In […]


Video Interview

5 keys to a conducting a great video interview.

Interviews are the audience’s fastest and most accessible option for gaining information. In our bustling day-to-day lives, when we need the most reliable information to keep track of current affairs. But the problem is that many news-sources can be biased, or misinterpret information. That is why video interviews, although not perfect, can offer us the […]


Image for Lawyer Commercial

5 Tips for Producing Lawyer Commercials

Whatever kind of legal situation we find ourselves in, we want to come out of it with the justice, fairness, and benefits we need. But that all depends on the attorney we have at our side. So in order for a proper lawyer to show that they are the one for the job, they need […]


Video Collaboration

Video Production: The Key to Collaboration

Video Production, unlike Painting or Writing, is not a solitary craft. It is a team effort. And if anyone had to do a group project in college, they’ll remember that collaboration can be pretty tough. Adrenaline Broadcasting is always excited for collaborating with our clients. That is why it is important for us to always encourage our employees to […]


Film Slate

Top 5 tips for Short Video Production

Let’s say you were commissioned for a commercial (or shooting an original short video); it may seem a whole lot easier than shooting a feature film or TV series. However, what goes over many videographers’ heads are the principles that belong exclusively to the short form narrative. It would be wise to familiarizing yourself with […]