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Social Media Video Marketing

Video marketing for social media topples other traditional copy and advertisements for your business. The video marketing landscape has changed drastically in the past two decades: a few years ago, television advertisements were the staple of any successful marketing campaign. Now, companies are catching on and are subsequently spending billions on ads for Facebook, Facebook […]


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How to Create a Great Motion Graphics Reel

Captivating videos are a bargain if you want to sell your name. If you’re going to land a high-paying gig, you should make a motion graphic that will capture the senses of your target audience. Most industries are shifting their focus to videos; understandably, because of the high number of online consumers. Here are some […]


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Videography Tips

Contrary to popular belief, having a good camera does not make you a good cameraman. Shooting videos and taking pictures like a professional requires a certain amount of skill and a solid vision of the end product. For example, a client came to us with an idea for a promotional video for their new luxury […]


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Production Video Showcase

As an established New Orleans advertising agency and broadcast production service provider, we have proudly served over the last few years a rich clientele in New Orleans. We’ve worked on a wide range of production and promotional materials such as video editing projects, ENG shooter projects, commercials for some of New Orleans’ top law firms, […]


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New Orleans Video Production Services

We have years of experience in multiple fields related to creative video productions solutions. We have worked with some of the best players in the business, including the NBA, Fox Sports, the Coast Guard Foundation and major Universities.  We are a one-stop-shop for all of your video productions needs, including video editing, ENG shoots, documentaries, […]


Event Video Production Ideas

Got a big affair coming up for your company or business? There are many events that need to be publicized and nothing works quite like a video. Video promotion is king in terms of attention, and attention is something that should be on your top 5. Whether it’s an award ceremony, a conference, a meeting, […]


Video Collaboration

How to Produce a Lawyers Ad that Doesn’t Suck

Does it feel like every time you are trying to reach out to clients to tell them the superior benefits of your service and how you can genuinely help them, you sound like an ambulance chasing cliché? We know that feeling, we’ve all seen the adverts and groaned too. So how does one produce an […]


Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2018

As a small business, your marketing needs are obviously different. Subsequently, you’ll want to have streamlined marketing solutions that make sense for your small business and engaging with your intended community audience. In order to hone in on the best marketing strategies for your small business in 2018, you will first have to ask yourself […]


The Ins and Outs of 3D Animation

Many people are familiar with the term of 3D animation, but not as many know exactly what the process involves. So, let’s start from the beginning. Computer 3D animation involves the work of creating moving pictures in a digital environment, but on a three-dimensional level as opposed to the more typical two dimensions. The right […]


What You Need To Know About Corporate Videos

Corporate videos can pack quite a punch in terms of marketing efforts. But in order to understand just how helpful a corporate video can be in terms of advertising, you’ll have to understand a little more about corporate videos themselves. A corporate video is essentially an umbrella term. There are multiple types of videos that […]