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What Types of Videos Do Best On Social Media?

In our last post, we discussed 3 types of videos that are great at grabbing attention online. Today, we’re going to be discussing a few tips on how to make your videos do really well on social media in particular. At Adrenaline Broadcasting, we think this is an important distinction to make, as the types of videos you will upload for your company on YouTube and the company website will often be dramatically different in terms of production cost, style, and tone. Let’s dive right in!

Social Media and Attention Spans

It has been repeatedly discussed how social media has affected people’s attention spans. We swipe, swipe, tap, and move from object to object very quickly on our mobile devices. There are so many distractions and it’s easy to exit out of any app with minimal time and already be on another. For example, if you produced a stunning and in-depth video for your company’s Facebook account—and it failed to hook just from one or two simple mistakes, your potential customer could be off of facebook and already watching something on YouTube in less than 3 seconds. Impulsivity rules the day on social media and mobile platforms.

As businesses, it’s not our place to argue these consumer trends and habits but to adapt to them. Instead of trying to coax viewers to pay attention longer, it is a wiser investment of your time, energy, and most importantly money, to go with the flow. That leads us to our first tip.

Make Your Videos Shorter

One of the cardinal rules of social media marketing is to make it quick and to the point. In most cases, you don’t want videos to exceed 3 minutes. Not only that, but the first 30 seconds are paramount to hooking people’s attention, after 30 seconds, engagement is significantly harder to keep as the video progresses more into long-form content. You can make longer videos, just know that depending on the medium, the time constraints will vary. For example, the length of a video on facebook is more forgiving than on Instagram. Because Instagram videos have been historically marketed as an alternative to Snapchat stories, it makes sense that the expectations are similar.

This isn’t a bad thing, all things considered, if you’re going to get professionals to create some high-quality video content for your social media then a shorter video may well be a better bang for your buck.

One of the keys to a good social media strategy is to pepper in high-quality videos with professional production value and mix them in with casual videos someone at your business can upload. Depending on the type of business, ordering several videos with a qualified production staff can pay off big time. Just because a video is short and on social media doesn’t change the fact that it is a professional advertisement. Consider that most TV commercials are less than a minute long and have been that way for decades, that doesn’t change their legitimacy, does it?

Learn to Let Loose

Most businesses could benefit from a full production television commercial. Adrenaline Broadcasting specializes in these types of videos—along with web content. However, social media is more of a place where you are permitted—even encouraged to be less restricted about how you convey information.

Social media is a place for businesses’ to unbutton their collars and show their customer base that there are ordinary people working behind the scenes. Commenting on industry happenings and sharing stories from your local community are ways that can show that the company is not just solely focused on turning a profit. That goes a long way to making your brand more relatable. This leads to our final tip.

Aim For Virality

Whether you’re crafting a long advertisement or making a short informal clip, there is one thing everyone who makes a video wants: virality—or in other words, they want their video to be shared and spread like a wildfire.

New Orleans Video Production

Adrenaline Broadcasting is a full-service video production based in New Orleans. We specialize in shooting television commercials, assisting businesses with media buys, and live event production! Our media production team is bar none and always up to date on the latest technology and filming techniques. We have helped many companies large and small achieve the reach and results that they are looking for.

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