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Things to Consider When Shooting a TV Commercial

Throughout the years, we’ve made many successful commercials for brands small and large. Our team at Adrenaline Broadcasting has seen and done it all. 4k videography, professional graphic design that gives your TV spot the polish it deserves or simply using the best angles to create a unique visual experience. While all of these things are highly important and warrant entire posts of their own, today let’s focus on what is perhaps the most important aspect of filming any sort of video for marketing purposes: storytelling.

What Kind of Story are You Telling?

Brands must ask themselves this all the time. Storytelling is one of the oldest and most ancient pastimes of the human race. You could say it is embedded into our very being, we see the world through story and narrative. Without those things, nothing makes sense.

Believe it or not, this is true even of commercials used for advertising purposes. Considering that large companies spend hundreds of thousands—millions in some cases to precisely craft their company brand in the public eye, you can believe that companies going to be certain that an ad will be effective based on data and prior experiences.

Depending on what sort of business you have and in what industry will determine what sorts of liberties you can take with your brand image. For example, the vast majority of law firms opt for a serious and straightforward brand image. It may be tempting to be more casual and humorous at times to appear relatable and different, but even if you are successful, will customers actually seek you out or will they seek someone out who appears to be competent instead of funny?

Telling a Story in a Commercial Format

What is a commercial at its simplest? A way to relay business information regarding goods and services to an audience that is typically not there to watch your ad, but has to in exchange for media content such as in between television shows. What does this tell us?

  • Most often the length of a TV commercial will be 15, 30, or 45 seconds.
  • What target demographic are you trying to reach?
  • Have a single message

While these are not requirements, they are certainly good guidelines and something you will find most successful TV commercials utilizing.

The Length of a TV Commercial Should be Shorter

It is hardly denied that our attention spans have gotten shorter over the decades as we become more and more inundated by media messaging and technological advances make things much more instantaneous for us. During the inception of TV programming in the 1950s, TV commercials were about 60 seconds long—much like how they were on radio. This was likely considered to be fairly short back then, and even more fascinating is that people viewed commercials as entertaining!

While the tradition of making entertaining commercials has lived on, the impact is certainly lesser. Media content in the 1950s and 60’s’ was so fresh and new that any sort of cleverness or innovation—like a catchy television jingle, was considered highly successful and memorable.

60 seconds is considered “long-form” content now. It’s very difficult to retain engagement for a whole 60 seconds nowadays. Not only that, but such a long runtime is incredibly expensive as well. As such, many companies opt for short, punchy commercials.

Our tip: start with something strong or attention-grabbing that can break people out of the lull they are usually in when commercials come on. Remember that many people are not even looking at the television, instead they may be on their phone or in the kitchen—so make great use of audio that may cause someone to look back at the television.

A great example of this is Adrenaline Broadcasting’s very own King Firm TV spot that we shot. Notice how there is little time wasted on setting up the point of the video, it begins immediately with a car crash and a dramatization with a paid actor who can give a compelling performance and presence.

What is Your Message and Who is it For?

Once you’ve decided on runtime for your commercial, who are you targeting it towards? A business may have multiple demographics that are interested in their services, but you can’t always market to all of them all at once.

This is important for your budget, it is better to have a single message you want to convey than trying to cover multiple things. Never assume you will have people’s full attention to remember multiple details. The entire advertisement should funnel down to a single call to action, such as dialing a number or visiting a website.

TV Video Production in New Orleans

Adrenaline Broadcasting is a full-service video production firm located in New Orleans. Our professional video production team is always on the cutting edge of graphics technology and video equipment. As such we provide 4K videography for those who want that extra detail. Whether its television commercials or filming sports events, Adrenaline Broadcasting does it all!

Contact us here or give us a call at (866)-662-8563 if you would like to get more business and exposure by shooting a commercial, or need experts to handle media buys for you!

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