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3 Types of Videos That Grab Customer Attention

Stats About Video Consumption

When the iPhone released and the ensuing smartphone boom steamrolled forward, the rise of YouTube coincided with it. Putting a smartphone in every person’s pocket was really something like putting a mobile video player in their pockets. At this point in time, a portable DVD player seems laughably absurd. As you can imagine, video is the most consumed form of media and this is only growing forward as time passes.

  • 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos online as opposed to watching television.
  • According to HubSpot, 81% of businesses utilize video as a marketing tool. This has gone up over 63% as businesses grow increasingly aware of the power of viral marketing and video and general.
  • 92% of mobile users share the videos they watch on a mobile device.

You get the point, video is big—much bigger than text-based ads. There are many studies that point to the ability of video to be more immediately engrossing as being responsible for higher information retention. How does that affect your business? Simple! What you advertise with video is much more likely to stick, and who doesn’t want that? That being said, what are some video concepts that are highly engaging and improve your brand image or bottom line? Here’s 3 we think are excellent choices for our production teams to tailor-make for you!

The Informational Video

This video type is the simplest and most straightforward one. With your informational spot, you want to tailor the information based on where the video is headed to. Creating a commercial is far different than creating a video for your website. Creating website video content is ALSO different than creating a video for social media. Intent is very important when creating any kind of content.

In the case of the informational video, you’ll want to stick to what are the core details of your business. What do you sell and how are prices packaged? If pricing is highly fluid then it’s better to focus on selling the service itself and explaining why it is indispensable. Because of this, informational videos require careful editing and implementing narrative structure. A story is often the best way to pitch a common scenario where the service or product is necessary.

The Commercial Spot

While internet marketing is highly critical to any businesses’ success in today’s modern digital age, many people still watch television and it is still an important way to reach many people at once. Despite the prevalence of internet-only services and cord-cutting, many people worldwide still confer a certain type of legitimacy to being on television. Being on TV is a kind of “made it” moment for many people.

Consider how even in 2019, people view the commercial spots for the Super Bowl as being a part of the show itself, as many companies bring out their best commercial concepts to entertain viewers and gain better brand exposure. It is a great example of viral marketing predating the internet. Adrenaline Broadcasting has ample experience in creating professional commercial spots for local and national companies!

A Behind the Scenes Video

A BTS is the most interesting one of the bunch, companies choose to utilize BTS videos to lend a more human face to their company. This concept works best on the internet on YouTube or your business’s social media pages. The BTS video is good at promoting a more casual look into your business’s services. It allows people to get a glimpse into how the company works. These videos are a great place to subtly project a social brand image by showcasing the type of that work there.

New Orleans Video Production Experts

Video is the medium that is proving to be most effective for the short attention spans many people have today due to the constant distractions and stimulation the internet provides. Do you want your message to be heard? Then leave the crafting of that message to the pros—Adrenaline Broadcasting. We are a New Orleans based video production company that specializes in creating video for marketing and advertising campaigns. We’ve helped companies big and small achieve their outreach goals and take their business to the next level. If you’d like to be the next, contact us at (866)-662-8563!

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