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New Orleans Marketing Agency

Having great content on multiple mediums is only half the battle. While TV, Film, Radio, and Social Media are important avenues to release content (such as videos, pictures, infomercials), marketing services are needed to stand out from the crowd. Many companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a month for paid Instagram, Facebook, and public advertisements; this doesn’t even include all the successful aspects that go into an effective marketing campaign. At Adrenaline Broadcasting, we use creative and cutting-edge marketing techniques to get your content seen by the most amount of people possible. Our marketing strategies are adaptable and highly sophisticated.

What to Look for in a Marketing Agency

Not all marketing or advertising agencies are created equal. While there are a lot of decent advertisement agencies that exist, choosing the right one can be the difference between a break-even year or an extremely-profitable-year for your business. Here is what to look for when choosing an advertising agency to market on your behalf:

  1. They Get Results

Ask the marketing or advertising agency about their results. Ask for case studies if they do not present them. There should be a clear, positive trend in a company’s sales after the advertising agency began to market for them. Results speak louder than words,new Orleans advertising agency so make sure you know the advertising agency uses effective methods and has a proven track record.

  1. They Work on Multiple Platforms

An advertising agency needs to work on multiple platforms to get the job done. A physical advertisement is just as important as a digital advertisement nowadays; being versatile is a winning trait of any successful advertising agency. TV, social media, billboards, film, and radio are equally as important. All of these different mediums require a separate, specialized knowledge of the space. The same rules do not apply for billboards as they do for Instagram.

  1. They Know What They’re Talking About

An advertising agency should be able to tell you the latest in advertising trends, news, and figures. Is video the medium that receives the most conversions? How are infographics doing? What do people look for when they visit a social media account or website? These are all pertinent questions that a successful advertising agency will be able to answer without missing a beat.

  1. Reputation

Reputation is everything. A bad rep usually means that the agency is hard to work with, doesn’t deliver results, and makes grandiose (and undelivered) promises. An advertising agency should be honest and realistic about what they can and cannot do. Ask for some references and consult with companies that have worked with the agency in the past.

  1. Solid Communication

Many websites and businesses will actually work against their goals without realizing it. Whether it is misrepresenting the brand in a commercial or redirecting traffic away from their site, a successful advertising agency is not afraid to set boundaries and have an open and direct line of communication. Great advertising agencies excel at communication New Orleans online marketingby providing realistic expectations, clear deadlines, visual references, and effective solutions.

  1. How Do They Carry Themselves?

Are they excited to work on your project? Do they seem upbeat, charismatic, motivated, and suitable to work in a market such as advertising? In advertising and marketing, facing rejection is a daily part of the job; an agency that has a negative culture or poor work ethic will ultimately not represent your brand the way that you want them to. Having optimism in the office goes a long way.

New Orleans Advertising Agency

We take your business – your brand – and show the public how it really shines. Our creative team is always in-the-know on the latest trends and strategies used by the top marketers in the industry; as a result, we are one of the most successful advertising agencies in New Orleans. In this age, paying for marketing and advertising is a necessary expenditure for any successful business. For reference, a brand like Coca Cola spends, on average, $4 billion in global advertising efforts. While this is an extreme example, it proves the old adage: “you have to spend money to make money”.

If you’re ready to take your New Orleans marketing to the next level, contact Adrenaline Broadcasting today at (866) 662-8563, or visit our contact page to leave us a message. We look forward to working with you to help build your brand.

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