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Produce a Successful TV Commercial

There are many different aspects that make up a successful TV commercial. This article won’t touch too much on the creative aspect of filming; rather, we’ll be taking a look at the technical aspects and logistics that help make it all happen. There are questions that many clients don’t consider when developing a commercial, questions such as:

  • What are the proposed run dates?
  • What media will the commercial be released on?
  • What are the technical requirements?
  • Where am I getting the talent (actors, etc.) from?
  • Where is the proposed shooting location? What are the possible complications?
  • Who’s in charge of the wardrobe?

Choose a Production Company

Your first order of business after determining your technical needs, production budget, and run dates are to find a production company with a proven track record. During this pre-production period, you should also determine which mediums the final product will be released on. A TV commercial is generally longer and more detailed than an Instagram post. Questions that you should ask yourself during this phase include:

  1. What are the potential shoot dates?
  2. What exactly do you want from the production company? This will help determine the estimated budget.
  3. Are your storyboard and concept ready to go?
  4. What is the proposed date of the ad launch?
  5. Do you have a casting breakdown yet? The more specific you are, the better. This will help talent agencies find professional actors quicker.

Choose a Location

There are many questions to ask when looking for a potential shooting site(s). First off: does the proposed shooting location require a budget? Choosing a location that offers multiple shoot sites can help cut costs, and having a production company that has all the necessary equipment can reduce headaches. Other questions to ask when thinking about the set:

  • Does the location have parking? Think about the crew, catering truck, and yourself.
  • What equipment is necessary for the proposed location? Is it a dimly-lit house or harbor?
  • Is the location private or public?
  • What are the necessary props and wardrobe? Is a wardrobe manager necessary?

Have a Pre-Production Meeting

If you’ve gotten the team, location, and setting sorted, it’s time to sit down with the whole team. The director, photographer, videographer, copywriter, and art director should all be on the same page. This is necessary when mapping out a shooting schedule. At Adrenaline Broadcasting, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of a schedule during the pre-production and shooting phase.

During this time, you should also consider possible travel arrangements and amenities for the crew and actors. It’s best to have a variety of options to fit everyone’s individual needs. Consider fruits, vegetables, lean meats, snacks, coffee, soda, and water for starters. If you don’t hire a catering company, make sure that you have silverware, napkins, plates, etc.

A production log and call sheet are also necessary during production. A call sheet should tell each individual when they are needed on site (not for the shoot time, however). The schedule and script should be good to go at this point as well.

New Orleans TV Commercial Production

At Adrenaline Broadcasting, we have the technical equipment and expertise to get your video from a simple concept to being aired on a major network or online media provider. Our videographers and the video-editing team have decades of experience in the industry and know the ins-and-outs of successful TV marketing campaigns. We offer collaboration between you and our staff to clarify your specific needs, budget, and demographics to produce the highest quality TV commercial possible.

Adrenaline Broadcasting offers:

  • Creative development
  • Full production crew
  • Graphics
  • Editing
  • Special effects
  • Sound
  • Color correction
  • And more…

We are your one-stop-shop for professional television commercial production in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’ve worked with a multitude of local and online organizations to deliver high-quality products. Check out some of our work here.

If you’d like to learn more about our services or want to talk business, give us a call at (866) 662-8563 or visit our contact page.

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