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4 elements of an interesting commercial

Imagine that you are scrolling through the TV and you come across a commercial. One of two things will happen. You will either flip to the next channel, or you will become intrigued by the commercial. For your business, you clearly want your commercial to be the latter one. But how exactly is that accomplished? Well, the answer involves the fundamentals of professional video production for commercials. Here are 4 essential elements that our team uses for New Orleans TV commercial production.


Specify the target audience

Before you write a script, you have to know whom the script is for. Writing a commercial is about more than just selling a service. You have to know the target audience you want to market to. You must know what demographic of people that your service would be ideal for, and then write a commercial for them.

You might be worried that other people will not find interest. But those people were going to flip past the commercial anyway. If you try to pander to everyone, you won’t seem like a focused business. But if you put all of your energy into a commercial for specific people, then those people will be incredibly intrigued by your service. You can either be a lukewarm salesman, or you could a strong salesman. Plenty of our New Orleans TV commercial production work focuses on specific target audiences.


Don’t pander, just tell a good story

Now that you know what your target audience is, you need to write the proper commercial for them. Let me tell you a little secret. People know that they are watching commercials. They want more than just a sales pitch. They want entertainment. If people wanted just basic service information, they could search it up for themselves (but no one ever does that unless they are intrigued by the service). The only way to get peoples’ attention is to make the commercial fun to watch. It can be funny, inspiring, exciting, or all three. If people sit up and pay attention whenever your commercial is on, then you know that they are ready to listen.


Maintain believability

Part of getting people to sit up and pay attention is by making the story believable. In other words, you just have to make a good short film. The lighting, production design, audio, and videography need to match (and exceed) other professional video production projects. That is why our video production team strives for excellence in their technical capability.


Know your reason for being there

You can have all of the right tools, actors, and jokes. But at the end of the day, your commercial needs to stand for something. This goes all the way back to your brand. What is the reason your business even exists in the first place? It has to be about more than just profit. It has to contribute to the world. Many brands are about convenience, freedom, and quality. What is your brand about? Once we have that, we can interject that brand into the commercial. Once the viewers see your commercial, they will feel that your service is important and contributes to their world.


For more information on our New Orleans TV commercial production services, please be sure to contact us today. Our professional video production team is ready to hear about your business!

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