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How to Create a Great Motion Graphics Reel

Captivating videos are a bargain if you want to sell your name. If you’re going to land a high-paying gig, you should make a motion graphic that will capture the senses of your target audience. Most industries are shifting their focus to videos; understandably, because of the high number of online consumers.

Here are some tips which will help you create a converting reel.

Keep it short and precise

Do not stuff your video with a lot of information which your audience rarely watches and listens to. Identify the key points and make a half minute to a minute reel. The intro of your message should hook your consumers to watch through. No one is going to spend a whole 10 minutes on your video. You can borrow the idea from New Orleans Corporate Videos.

Avoid plagiarism

Who will trust you if you can steal someone’s work and claim it is yours? Your videos should be original and authentic. Take the opportunity to showcase your skills and portfolio. Imagine viewers seeing that your reel was pulled down because you violated copyright. It will only work against you. If you have nothing to display in your portfolio, be genuine to your consumers.

Compact and focused

If you want to hook your audience, make sure they can easily access your graphic without buffering. However, you should not compromise the quality of the video. Anything more than 5GBs is likely to receive negative reception. If you have a video that you feel needs some scrapping to fit your audience, New Orleans Video Editing will come to your rescue. Try to use formats which can reduce the size without compromise to quality.

Consistency in transition

Does your transit from one point to another make sense? It is tempting to try and fit out all the info in the short video. But you can mess up and produce an incoherent copy that does not achieve your objectives. The background sound should create a rhythm with the message you are conveying.

Know your audience

Consumers differ in tastes and preferences. These factors are mostly subject to age, gender, geographical location, and customs. You should identify the trending themes among your audience. Give them that! They will not only appreciate that they are getting what they want but also you can identify with them.

Keep your audience guessing

Do not convey all the information in the real. Conceal some message and let your target take action. If you keep the audience guessing, they will be ready to navigate through your videos to join the dots. However, do not include boring information at the expense of your selling points.

Cross-check your work

Overconfidence can work against you if you make a mistake and it goes live unnoticed. Make sure that you have everything in your reel correctly. Anyone looking for a gig they can trust will go by you if the reel portrays professionalism and utmost caution.


With these invaluable tips, you are good to launch your next move in videography. New Orleans 3D Video Animation can inspire you on your next project.

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