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Videography Tips

Contrary to popular belief, having a good camera does not make you a good cameraman. Shooting videos and taking pictures like a professional requires a certain amount of skill and a solid vision of the end product. For example, a client came to us with an idea for a promotional video for their new luxury apartment complex. He simply wanted a drive-by view of the complex and a few shots of the interior design. While this is an effective way  to capture a part of his vision, we helped expand his idea. Using a drone pilot and a 4K camera, we were able to capture the entire area surrounding the complex to give a potential buyer a true view of the surrounding area. In addition to shots of the interior units and nearby shopping areas/leisure areas, we were able to make his beautiful complex even more appealing. Not only was the client stunned, but his units started filling up.

New Orleans Video Production

There’s more to videography than just pressing the record button. It’s why people pay money to hire professionals like us. If you want to shoot a home video of a major event, such as a birthday party, anniversary or a Christmas-present-extravaganza, there are a few tips to help you shoot like a pro:

Having the right equipment with your camcorder or camera can make the difference between a great video and a mediocre one. It can be difficult to see a couple on a beach if the sun is obscuring the picture. Here are a few items to bring with you while shooting a video:

  • A tripod or bi-pod to help steady the picture. Today’s cameras have amazing picture stabilizing technology, but one slip-up can mess with the continuity of the shot. Having a steady hand doesn’t hurt either.
  • The battery charger/power supply and an extension cord for the power supply. Don’t get caught without one.
  • Always carry an extra battery. Make sure the battery is charged.
  • A lens-cleaning cloth is absolutely necessary. Our video editing software can only do so much if there’s a giant fingerprint on the lens.
  • Extra memory sticks/SD sticks/tape for your camera. As a general rule of thumb, more footage is better than less footage. You can pick and choose the best instead of settling for the most ‘ok’ shot.
  • Any extra gear you’ve bought over the years. Sun shields, lens filters, microphones and lighting gear are highly suggested if you want to make the most out of your investment.
  1. Video Lighting

To shoot like a pro, you need to know your lighting. If you have poor lighting, you risk shooting grainy and washed-out video and wasting a day of shooting. If the sun is directly overhead, try waiting for a late afternoon shot. Directly overhead, the sun can cast shadows and obscure the shot. Knowing how to interact with natural lighting and artificial lighting is an essential tool in the proverbial toolbox. If you’re shooting indoors, consider buying extra lighting equipment or opening the blinds. Turning on extra light is something that most people forget; however, extra light can greatly increase the clarity of the picture.

  1. To tripod or not to Tripod

Many home videos end up looking shaky. This is no fun to watch! Besides, you want to preserve these memories to the best of your ability. Spending $20 on a cheap tripod is better than nothing, and your children will thank you when they’re watching themselves open up their presents 10 years later. Leaning against the wall or sitting criss-cross and putting the camera on your knees can do in a pinch.

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  1. Can You Hear Me Now?

What good is professional looking video if you can’t hear the groom say “I Do”? Most camera microphones are fairly basic uni-directional microphones. When buying a video-camera, make sure there is a jack for plugging in external microphones and headphones. The headphone jack is so you can adjust the audio levels in the field.

  1. Read the Instruction Manual

A good cameraman knows his camera. Know the digital menu and things such as: turning off auto-focus, adjusting the shutter speed, editing contrast and quickly switching between shooting styles can make all the difference. You’d be surprised how many people own an expensive camera without ever opening the manual.

New Orleans Videographer

If you follow these tips and are still stuck, don’t worry! Shooting professional video is what we do. If you need any of our services, and you are located in the New Orleans area, don’t hesistate to contact us to discuss your creative vision. If you would like a few more tips on video production and shooting your own home video, give us a call! We’ d be happy to answer any and all questions related to video production and editing.




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