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As an established New Orleans advertising agency and broadcast production service provider, we have proudly served over the last few years a rich clientele in New Orleans.

We’ve worked on a wide range of production and promotional materials such as video editing projects, ENG shooter projects, commercials for some of New Orleans’ top law firms, 3D animation productions, and much more.

Here are some of the projects we have successfully worked on:

King Firm TV Spot

A premium example of a lawyer commercial video project we had the pleasure to work on.

In this spot, we have collaborated with the established accident & injury attorneys of King Firm: Brian King, Jason Gilles, and Anthony Milazzo II to produce an eye-catching TV spot that targets accident and injury victims. As a part of our collaboration, the firm has trusted us to also promote their new revolutionary app, where clients can instantly upload and send pictures of their damages to the app and ask the firm for more details, in just a few clicks.

Pelicans Name Change

An exclusive mini-documentary we have created regarding the name change of Hornets basketball team to New Orleans Pelicans, with the aim to better showcase the iconic Pelican symbol and charitable culture of New Orleans and Louisiana state in general. The video documentary features reports from Louisiana State Museum’s representative, Polly Rolman Smith, and the current owner of New Orleans Pelicans, Tom Benson. We have also included a brief overview of the history of the Pelican as a symbol of the state and its life status in the region.

Success Preparatory Academy

An educational and recruiting video spot. This spot highlights the reasons to work as a teacher in the Success Preparatory Academy. Along with its work and mission, Success Preparatory Academy is a charter school in New Orleans that helps students from challenging backgrounds develop leadership and lifelong learning skills through a constructive and personalized educational approach.  The video commentary features reports from Niloy Gangopadhyay Executive Director of the Academy and the experiences of 8+ teachers and staff members.

Coast Guard Foundation San Francisco

Here, we had the honor to film a short video commentary regarding the challenging and daring mission of Coast Guard San Francisco to rescue six hypothermic hikers that needed direct evacuation from an isolated cove near Point Reyes coastline, California. The video features interviews from James Kenshalo, the awarded pilot in command of the main rescuing helicopter MH-65C and two supporting crew members, Beau Belanger (co-pilot) and Corey Fix (Aviation Survival Technician).

Let’s Turn the Page

A TV and online video spot we have produced on behalf of New Orleans National Library, promoting the “Turn the Page Initiative”, a literacy initiative which aimed to make New Orleans the most literate city in America by 2018, through various educational events and measures.  Our goal in return was to raise awareness for the campaign and encourage people to find out more by visiting the official website of the campaign:

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