Event Video Production Ideas

Got a big affair coming up for your company or business? There are many events that need to be publicized and nothing works quite like a video. Video promotion is king in terms of attention, and attention is something that should be on your top 5. Whether it’s an award ceremony, a conference, a meeting, publicity or a launch party, we have some video production ideas for your business that we can help with.

  1. Live streaming

Broadcasting an event live through a webcast has the potential to reach a huge audience. Today, many events are broadcast through internet and streaming services. Many music festivals are broadcast for free via sites like YouTube. Many experts agree that webcasts such as these can increase festival attendance for years to come. It’s hard for a consumer to attend an event or reach out to a service when they don’t know it exists. Live streaming can be used with one or more cameras. If two or more cameras are used, live switching between views is possible, enhancing the experience for the user.

  1. Event Presentation Videos

Speeches, presentations and conferences need publicity. These types of videos are usually released after the fact; once the event is finished, editing of these videos begin. A company can continue to gain value and business from an event even after it has ended by releasing video of a previous event online. This can be used for future promotions and conferences, especially if the video serves the event justice. These videos, once produced, can be used for a multitude of other uses, such as b-roll for future company commercials or press release kits. This is usually a very affordable option and can be used with one or multiple cameras.

  1. Promotional Videos

Prior to an event, there are videos that promote and sell the audience an idea. Many bands use promotional videos on Instagram to promote a tour before the tour itself, or they’ll use live footage of a previous tour to promote a future one. We can help with the production, filming and editing of videos in this category. Similar to a commercial, a promo video generally has a hefty amount of production and polish behind it. The better the video and image you portray, the better a potential customer or attendee sees your brand. Bottom line – if your promo video sucks or looks cheap, it is going to decrease your amount of potential business. Promotional videos should be designed to show potential attendees the value of the event to them personally. The great thing about recording promo videos, much like event presentation videos, is that extra footage can be used as b-roll for more future commercials for your brand.

  1. Highlight Reels

Highlight reels can be short videos optimized for social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. They are created from an assortment of videos that highlight the most important and worthwhile moments of an event. They can even be informative and exciting in nature. This helps convert attendees that are on the fence into attendees that are enthusiastic customers. Your brand is all about how you market yourself, and a strong highlight video is incredibly important if you want to show potential customers just how valuable your event or service really is.

iphone with youtube

  1. Display videos

I’m sure you’ve seen them: videos that are on display in new product kiosks and trade shows draw attention quicker than a goat on a leash. People are drawn to flashy glowing screens, especially if you have one in your display at a trade show or in a store like Walmart displaying your product. Shoot for something conversational, which displays the product in a quick and exciting manner, while avoiding a boring tone. It should be short enough to where it could go viral and not long enough to be mistaken for an infomercial. Think about successful kiosks that have turned regular products into multi-million dollar businesses. Ever seen a GoPro kiosk in a store before?

At Adrenaline Broadcasting, we have decades of professional work experience and are passionate about the work that we produce. From creative development, to scheduling and planning, to video production and finally post-production, we have you covered for all of your event video production needs. Contact us today to discuss what video would work best for your event!

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