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How to Produce a Lawyers Ad that Doesn’t Suck

Does it feel like every time you are trying to reach out to clients to tell them the superior benefits of your service and how you can genuinely help them, you sound like an ambulance chasing cliché? We know that feeling, we’ve all seen the adverts and groaned too. So how does one produce an advert to showcase your legal service that does actually help and that doesn’t suck?

Make Fun of the Cliché

To start with, there’s no harm in making fun of the cliché to show how you are different. This type of humor can stick in customers’ minds, and when professionally carried out, can make a great memorable advert for your service.

Set the Scene for Ground-breaking Differences Customers Won’t Expect

If your service is really not all about billing and legal jargon, bring this across to the customer in an innovative way.

  • How do you go the extra mile?
  • Have you done any pro-bono work you are proud of?
  • Do you make house calls?

Showcase what makes your firm different from the rest and what services you offer which are those that contradict the features customers have come to associate negatively with your profession.

Talk From the Heart

If you’re great in a courtroom, then a good production company can bring out your personality on camera. A little practice and some well thought out scripts are all that is needed.

Most importantly when talking on camera, talk from the heart, like you do with clients or in court. Genuine care will come across, as will your skill and passion for upholding the law. Talk to the camera like you talk to your jury, and you are guaranteed to win the audience’s support.

Keep it Brief and To The Point

Let’s face it, in your face repetition, and lengthy sales pitches do suck. Remember to repeat key information at the beginning, middle, and end, of an advert for people to take down, but asides from this, keep your message clear, informative, and to the point. Adverts should be brief, and not overly full of sales jargon.

Use Emotion if it Fits Your Service

Use of emotion can include evoking humor, fear, gratification, compassion, or justice to attach the message behind your service. Legal matters can be sensitive or hurtful, so ensure your emotional message is tasteful, considerate, and not offensive.

Be Honest and Accurate

Portray your service exactly as it is since this will ensure when customers do contact you they are greeted with what they expect, higher conversion and retentions will result.

Don’t be Offensive, Don’t Look Cheap, Stay Professional

While jokes can help people identify with you, make sure you are not offensive, cheap, or unprofessional.

For example, your working on commission is best advertised as the fact you stand by your service and your integrity, insisting on not being paid unless you have provided an excellent job by winning the case, rather than appearing to accept no win, no fee arrangements because you are desperate for work or have a lot of cheap employees.

Legal Advertising Tactics

Remember, that advertising is helping your client find the right service, not selling yourself, this paradigm shift will help you to not sound cheesy.

When advertising is honest, informative, and tasteful, it will show your best side and help the clients who need you to find your services.

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