Top Tips For Live Event Production

If you are interested in producing a live event, often as a promotional tool for your company, there are some things you may want to know. After all, the act of live event production, from soup to nuts, is pretty lengthy and extensive. A lot goes into a well-produced event and it may benefit you to learn a little bit more before you dive in.

One thing that many people don’t realize is just how important attitude is during live event production. The best thing you can have at any live event is great, fun people! It’s best to work people who are great with people, happy to be around, and willing to do whatever it takes when situations/problems arise (as they often do in the world of live event production). Similarly, the wrong personalities can add stress or frustration to a live event production. Namely, be thinking about attitude and personality when you are hiring a team to assist in a live event’s production. This will pay off dividends in terms of creating a contagious attitude and spirit for your live event. Furthermore, your team reflects upon you and you want to make sure you bring on the best, cheeriest people you can.

Another helpful tip for live event production is to value the event’s aesthetics. The lighting and video teams are subsequently some of the most important parts of the live event production. They will help to add value on creating a visual backdrop that is able to combine the best of both video and lighting. This can be furthered by getting stock media or motion backgrounds that work with the patterns you have and the looks of your lighting rig. Basically, the events that are more visually stunning are the ones that are most likely to get visibility on the internet and social media.

Another thing you’ll wish people told you about live event production is to avoid audio sight lines. Basically, a great sound system is one that doesn’t get noticed. Basically, you want your audio sounding great and not being in the direct path of any media or visual displays. To ensure this, you may want to walk through your stage design with your house engineer ahead of time to make sure all the systems hang in a manner that plays into the overall theme and program.

Lastly, you will want to understand your live event’s venue limitations. Basically, you will want to understand details about the venue including things like the weight rating of the roof, the ins and outs of the fire alarm system, any possible floor pockets, power issues and more. If you don’t find out about these things prior to the event, you run the risk of something going majorly wrong.

Probably the best tip to give someone who wants to produce a live event is- seek help. There are a myriad of live event professionals to choose from. However, in terms of knowledge and experience, you really can’t beat Adrenaline Broadcasting. Adrenaline Broadcasting has a wealth of experience in terms of live event production, including producing: sports events, concerts, live shows, theater, festivals, charity events and more.


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