The Ins and Outs of Graphic Design

When it comes to graphic design, there are some key elements that it will make it easier to understand and implement for your own needs. Some of these elements include: the line, the shape, the value, the space, the color and the texture.

So what is the line, exactly? Well, the line is actually an element of every design. It could appear in the form of a solid border or it may appear as a dotted one. It can also appear in a variety of pixels. Every website has lines, simply put. However, the style for lines is evolving and now a more minimalistic style is being adopted for newer sites. This type of style hopes to decrease the use of lines in general.

Lines can come in a variety of colors. Their purpose is primarily to designate different parts of design or text. The lines have a large visual impact on the user of the site.

Furthermore, the shape is an important principle of graphic design. The shape can also be referred to as the form. So what is the shape, or form? Well, they are lines that are combined into different shapes. These can include circles, rectangles, triangles, squares or an abstract shape. These forms have remained popular even as other elements of graphic design, like line, have changed. Similar to lines, however, they drastically shape the viewer’s experience.

Texture is another big part of graphic design. However, they were not always so popular. When web design was fairly new, single color backgrounds were de rigueur. But today, texture styles are varied and can include brick, fabric, stone, concrete, paper, natural components and more.

This brings us to color- a very important part of web design. In fact, color may be the single most important principle of design, because it can offer such a powerful experience to the viewer. Colors have a clear effect on the human mind. Someone seeing the color red has a higher pulse and heartbeat than someone seeing blue. This theory, or rather established fact, aids a lot of graphic designers in finding the perfect color to set the mood and tone of the site or project.

Space is another key of graphic design- namely, white space. White space, also called negative space, defines the area of the page that only has the background on it. No, it is not necessarily white. It is simply the part of the page or screen that doesn’t have text or other elements covering it. It helps the human eye read and process better.

Lastly, value is a central element of graphic design. Value generally represents how dark or light a design is.

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