Your Complete Guide to Video Editing

Video editing may seem to some like the most complicated thing in the world. It’s certainly not easy, but in this blog post, we’ll give you a run-down on some of the most fundamental concepts behind video editing. Video editing is one of the major services we provide here at Adrenaline Broadcasting. Some of the video editing services we offer include: Sound Editing, Special Effects, Motion Capture, Live Event Editing, Sports Videography Editing, Web Content Editing and more. You may be wondering how we work on these complex tasks. We work off of an optimum, non-linear editing system, which keeps the recorded content protected as we edit off of copied files. Additionally, you may be wondering what programs and systems we use. Well, we carry modern programs and applications that enhance the techniques of video editing. But, that’s not all. What is a good system without someone trained to use it? Our editors are well trained in techniques for live events, film, television, ENG and all other media forms that we serve. We edit each of our projects within their own distinct style, since an ENG is not the same kind of presentation as a live sports event. But don’t worry! The edit will, of course, be left up to the client’s final approval. We love working with our clients and are happy to give you as much input as you’d like.

So now, getting down to the nitty-gritty. What does video editing actually entail? Well, one of the first concepts you should be familiar with is capture. Capture entails the necessary action of moving footage from the camera onto the hard disk of the computer. This is easier in modern times and can be done with a simple USB.

Some other concepts you should be familiar with are AVI and MOV files. These two file formats are the primary formats that movies will come in. The process we just talked about, capture, will create files of the form AVI (for a PC) or MOV (if you are working with a Mac). Keep in mind that these files are of gigantic proportion. It is normal for three minutes of footage to equate to about one gigabyte of space, so make sure that your computer and whatever systems you are using can handle the proportions of your footage.

It’s also important to grasp the concept of shots and the different kinds there are. The primary part of video editing is choosing which parts you want to take out. You will look at the raw footage and marking points on the sections you want to cut out. Using the snip tool, you can remove these parts carefully. Just don’t be too heavy-handed with the snip tool, as it is easier to trim off more than it is to get back a part you didn’t mean to omit.

That’s just a brief snapshot of video editing, but lucky for you, you don’t need to have a knowledge of all the ins and outs of video editing. You can still get quality content produced for your corporation or organization. Trust the professionals at Adrenaline Broadcasting for your video editing and other production service needs.

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