How Does Social Media Really Affect Us?

A lot of people are afraid of the effect of social media. Many speculate that with communication shifting from standard, in-person dialogue to the less personal means of internet communication so often used today that we will lose the principles that comprise human communication. Many have theorized that social media can contribute to modern neuroses and negative feelings left as a byproduct of what is often referred to as “the comparison trap” (coined by Psychology Today). The comparison trap regards the notion that social media displays the highlights of one’s friends and family’s lives, creating an innate sense of comparison and subsequent jealousy when perusing a social platform. You see your beautiful friends at brunch, your cousin buying a new house, your sibling getting married. It’s only inevitable that feelings of comparison would start to come up. It’s important to note that social media is a tool and just like more common tools like knives and hammers, social media can be used in negative and positive ways.

Although a lot of forums choose to focus on the negative effects made possible by social media, here at Adrenaline Broadcasting we strive to see the positives in social media. To see it for the rich, vast enterprise it is. We want our social media content to not only be clearly beneficial to your company and yield positive results, we also want it to be content that is beneficial for the consumer as well. With the breadth and depth of social media comes a wealth of knowledge as well as a public forum, creating higher customer satisfaction and a general increased sense of being heard and understood for all those who use it.

In addition to the knowledge obtained from social media (many people follow news outlets or other news providers on social media forums such as Twitter), people are able to communicate with and subsequently view the world in a way never previously available. Think about it- you can talk to or text people all the way across the world, you can see where they live via Google Maps or a simple image search. We are inundated with facts and perspectives on other cultures and areas in the world, which has helped society witness an increase in cultural competency and understanding. Hopefully, that will translate to an openness and inclusivity sustained by all.

Additionally, social media can contribute to feelings of fulfillment and happiness. Though the comparison trap and other findings may lead people to guess otherwise, social media can have a positive effect on the mental health of its users. As we suggested before social media is a tool, neither inherently good nor bad, and therefore, it all depends upon the way it is used. Studies have shown that when one is using social media simply to peruse the lives of others, it does tend to have a negative effect on said user’s mental health. Conversely, however, is the fact that interacting and sharing via social media networks lends users a sense of fulfillment, happiness and well-being. That is why here at Adrenaline Broadcasting, we strive to create content that is formulated to be interactive and user-friendly. After all, when its good content for your customers, its good content for you!

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