How Americans Are Communicating in 2017

How Americans Are Communicating in 2017

Effective communication is our goal here at Adrenaline Broadcasting. We want to share the stories of the companies, products and people we represent to the general public (as well as targeted audiences) in the most effective, innovative and captivating way. This sentiment transcends what medium we are using- whether it be video, text, photography, social media, video editing or some other venue. Because of our commitment to excellence, we are constantly researching trends about how people are consuming media and how they are communicating not just with one another but with their favorite corporations and brands as well. We are always providing cutting edge services, reflective of the most recent studies and data on communication and media consumption. We have compiled this blog post on the trends and ways in which Americans are communicating in 2017 to showcase a reflection and inspiration of our trend-setting work.

This age represents a new era of communications, not only is everything the average American doing communication-wise online, but Americans are beginning to refine their online usage and interests and subsequently, parts of the web are more valuable than others. In recent studies, some highlights about how Americans are now communicating entail: Americans use cell phones but not landlines, texting is the primary way Americans under 50 communicate and Twitter is becoming somewhat obsolete, as even those 18 to 29 rarely use it (however, other social media is still alive and well and being utilized and consumed at astounding rates). Another key fact is that texting, talking on a cell phone and emailing back and forth are the most commonly used ways Americans communicate directly (regarding adult Americans).

Approximately 38 percent of Americans say they use these three methods a lot. The less popular versions of communication entail Twitter and landline phone usage, which only 10 percent of Americans report they use frequently. Another important theme we picked up on is that Americans communicate in very different ways, according to their age group. Texting is the largest way Americans under 50 communicate, whereas Americans over 65 use cell phones, landline phones and email equally. Additionally, older folks are less likely than young ones to use any form of communication at all. Furthermore, young people are especially prone to use cellphones and social media frequently throughout the day. All of this information is really important to us and to your company, because this data allows us to cater the content to the target audience you select, this is especially apt in terms of social media, which is something we specialize in. regarding social media, Instagram is the most popular for those of a younger generation, whereas Facebook is enjoyed by all ages but especially those in their middle or later years and Twitter is primarily used by corporations. When you are selecting a company to handle your communications needs, you want to make sure the company you choose is with the times; Adrenaline Broadcasting could not be a better choice.


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