Why Students Are Rapidly Pursuing Communications Majors

Why Students Are Rapidly Pursuing Communications Majors

If you are a college student, or at least know one, you may have realized that receiving a major in communications studies (or one of the similar majors such as journalism, public relations or marketing) is a trend growing in popularity. Well, you’re not alone in this realization. Research suggests that communications majors (in relation to number of offered undergraduate majors, number of degrees actually received, number of colleges offering said degree and a vote of popularity from students) is witnessing unprecedented growth. Communications studies is said to be beating other humanities-based majors in the aforementioned criterion. Robert Townsend, Director of the Washington Office of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is among the many researchers looking into the trend. He, himself, said he was impressed by the sheer number of undergraduate students receiving communications degrees.

So why exactly has the field displayed such a rapid growth in academic settings? Well, to put it in layman’s terms, grand opportunity and sheer necessity. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have realized how large of a theme technology is in our lives. It touches every part of modern life- healthcare, entertainment, government, transportation, art, you name it. But some argue that it has impacted communication more than anything else. When you want to find the best business or product for your needs, what do you do? You research it on google. When you want to communicate with a friend who isn’t right next to you, what do you do? You text them, face-time, write on their wall, tag them in a meme, comment on their pictures. What do you do when you want to convey an experience or a feeling? You post pictures, text or both. These relational phenomena have translated into the way information is conveyed, and private entities are promoted.

Online business promotion has become a staple in the digital economy, especially as it relates to social networking and media creation. Communications textbooks have been completely rewritten in the past twenty years due to the influx of new strategies for how to share information and products in a digital age. Techniques like social media marketing, search-engine optimization and creating unique media content (this includes high-quality written work, photography, videography and more to feature on the company’s internet presence) are incredibly newfangled, coming into conception in the last decade. Subsequently, classes like group communication, media theory and those on relationship networks are also incredibly new concepts but also profoundly relevant.

Essentially, the rise in students pursuing communications majors reflects the digital revolution itself and will only grow stronger as technology increases as it inevitably will. If you want to supply your company with the modern day must-haves in marketing (those being currently studied by the aforementioned students), you need look no further than Adrenaline Broadcasting. Our services represent the cutting edge of digital age marketing techniques.



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