5 Facts You Should Know About Post-Video Production

5 Facts You Should Know About Post-Video Production

You may believe that post-video production involves minor adjustments and is a quick job. Some even believe that all of these tweaks can be completed on a laptop or desktop computer while drinking morning coffee. Here, we reveal some of the elements post-production actually entails.

  1.   Some items can be removed from a video

Adrenaline Broadcasting will definitely be able to remove some objects from a video and will polish it. But, keep in mind that it isn’t possible to remove each one. Also, it isn’t possible to complete this task with a few clicks. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most complicated and perhaps the most, time-consuming step. For a proper, demanding object removal, you will need more involved services.

  1.   It is a time-consuming process

Adrenaline Broadcasting’s 3D Animation services are some of the quickest out there. Yet, in order to render a 3D animation which lasts 8 seconds, it requires a couple of days. The process is incredibly time-consuming and precise- in order to make a 2-hour 3D movie, you will need 2 years. The time needed has been revealed by Hollywood movie makers, who note the lengthy process is totally worth it.

  1.   The video editing company has a lot of components

First of all, they need software which can complete various tasks. The software is extremely intricate, pretty expensive and has separate requirements. For example, some software is so demanding that cooling down computers must be utilized. The engineer is in charge of this and we employ only quality engineers at Adrenaline Broadcasting. The engineer must have experience and must be proficient with this matter in order to complete the tasks.

  1.   Custom-made or professional computers are needed

We mentioned that some of you believe post-production of a video can be completed on a laptop. Chances are your laptop won’t be able to run software you will actually need. The computers needed for the process are unique and highly expensive. Some software runs only on specific operating systems. These operating systems are not available to the general public and they are specifically developed for companies which specialize in post-production.

  1.   Number of revisions is limited

Video production services do come with many revisions included, but they are far from endless. As a matter of fact, these revisions are limited. First, you are unable to edit a single piece of video constantly, or you will lose quality. Then, in some cases, once edited, or once cut, the video cannot be restored. Basically, you will have an original video to edit over again, starting from scratch. As you may know, this increases the time needed to complete the task and the cost will increase. It is advised to make all adjustments and modifications in the lowest number of revisions possible.


Video production professionals are capable of so many things. Yes, the process is time-consuming and tedious, but the end result will be phenomenal, if the right professionals are employed. To ensure you get the quality post-production services you want, call Adrenaline Broadcasting today.

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