Adrenaline Broadcasting Ranks the Best Commercials of All Time

Adrenaline Broadcasting Ranks the Best Commercials of All Time

At Adrenaline Broadcasting, we aren’t just producers of great content for commercials, we are consumers of it as well. Our Video Production Department offers a large range of technical and creative resources to produce creative, interesting, inspiring commercials, but another resource we use is learning from the commercial greats. Here we show you our take on the best commercials of all time. If you like our tastes, and are in the need of commercial content, check out our services here.


Apple- “1984”

Directed by renowned Hollywood filmmaker Ridley Scott, this ad is often considered the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time and subsequently, one of the all-time best commercials as a whole. The advertisement was less of a 30-second jingle and more of a short film; it set high standards for Super Bowl commercials for the rest of history. Released in the year 1984, the commercial plays on the book “1984,” by likening its competitor, IBM, to “Big Brother.” This brilliantly played on cold-war era fears; the ad also featured a female heroine, appealing to a younger, more liberal audience- a group that would soon come out in drones for Apple’s releases. The tagline “Why 1984 Won’t Be Like 1984” promoted the concept of freedom in Apple products, a hot commodity in the 1980s.


Energizer- “Escape of the Bunny”

The Energizer Bunny is a pop-culture and advertising icon, alike. He’s kept going and going for almost 28 years and countless spots. He has an annual budget of $50 million, survived a backlash in which David Letterman attacked him with a baseball bat and has become so much of a cultural cliche that according to a 2008 survey, the Energizer Bunny enjoys an astonishing 95 percent recognition rate. So it comes as no surprise that one of the commercials that helped launch the bunny into popular culture and public opinion would be on our list of the best commercials of all time. The second Energizer Bunny commercial, entitled “Escape of the Bunny” features a relentless, shades-clad bunny who leaves his own ad and rudely drums his way through three others, including: parodies of coffee, sinus medicine and wine spots. This was such breakthrough advertising because it diverted from the typical sponsor-centered theme. This commercial created an advertising powerhouse that has since been spoofed on Saturday Night Live, evoked in presidential stump speeches and made into a float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Wendy’s- “Where’s the Beef?”

This 1984 ad helped Wendy’s coin their now popular phrase “where’s the beef?”. It was first broadcast in the days leading up to Super Bowl XVIII and not only helped to boost Wendy’s revenue by 31% that year, it played a supporting role in the 1984 Democratic primaries, when former Vice President Walter Mondale used the phrase to criticize policies proposed by Senator Gary Hart.


Coke- “Hey Kid, Catch!”

Voted the best Super Bowl commercial of all-time in 2011 by readers of Advertising Age, “Hey Kid, Catch!” was a smash hit. In it, a child offers an injured football player, “Mean Joe Greene” (played by real-life baller McCann Erickson) a Coke, prompting “Mean” Joe to grab the bottle and drink all of the soda. He then turns around, smiles and throws the kid his jersey, saying the famous line, “hey kid, catch!” The commercial effectively pairs the feature of a famous sports star and a heart-string pulling plot.

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