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Why commercials should tell a story

Watching a commercial video should be both an entertaining, and intriguing experience. On one level, you should be entertained by the story taking place. On the other hand, it should also intrigue the audience with the service that they are providing. There is an essential quality that each aspect needs to provide, as well as a balance between the two. But why can’t the commercial video just skip the story and get right to the point of the message? Well, although some popular commercials appear to not have a story, they actually do. They just present them in their own way. Here is an explanation as to why commercials use story to advertise their services (and how we help provide it with our New Orleans TV Commercial Production services)



This has been mentioned a few times on our blogs regarding our New Orleans TV Commercial Production services. However, it is such an essential element of video production. When someone turns on the TV, goes to the movies, or watches a web show, they are looking to be entertained. They want to escape into anther world. They want to take a break from their goals and responsibilities in the real world. However, when a commercial shows up, the person is reminded of the real world.


Maintaining the entertainment

They think “oh yeah, buying cars, food, and insurance is still a thing.” But no one is going to buy your products or service if you make it too serious. They still want their entertainment. That is why when your commercial video shows up, you want it to be compelling. You want them to be happy to watch your commercial, no matter what the genre is. As long as the quality of the story is good, they will be happy to listen.


Combining the service and entertainment

But obviously, the service still needs to be clear. But you’d be surprised by how well you can integrate service information into a short story. Commercials for fast-food restaurants often start with a story that involves their service, then quickly explains the details of the service. Other commercials integrate their information from the start. For instance, insurance companies have so much information to share, they cannot do it in a simple sales pitch. They have to just come out and start explaining the information. But how do they do this without being boring?


Staying interesting

They take the information and make it interesting. Think of it this way, they can explain new services of car insurance by explaining how the insurance positively affected a family. You get a good-looking presenter with an interesting voice to say it, and you should it visually happening in the background. And you have it end in a funny or uplifting manner.


Endless possibilities

When it comes to video production, there are several means of telling a story with sound and visuals. Essentially as long as it stands out, is entertaining, and effectively communicates the service, then the commercial has done its job. For more information on our New Orleans TV Commercial Production services, please feel free to contact us today.

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