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Telling different stories for different media formats

With the various forms of media available today, there are many ways in which a story can be told. A live event video production cannot be made in the same way as a commercial production. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to multi-media. The way that each story is told depends on the media format. Here are just some of the ways in which we change our stories to fit the specific medium.



This one should be the most obvious. A commercial is shorter than a live broadcast. But there is still more to it than just length. The longer the video, the more complex it gets. A live event video production of a football game can feature many elements besides the actual football game. It can have playbacks, presentations, and a half-time show. This all gives a greater level of depth to the entertainment. But a 30-second commercial cannot have multiple elements. The story needs to be straight to the point.



Similar to time, each type of video production features a specific purpose. For instance, a live event video production of a football game is meant to entertain. A corporate video is meant to both inform and sell. A commercial’s main purpose is to sell (however, it may use information in order to sell). Each purpose informs the story that we choose. We wouldn’t choose a story meant to solely entertain when writing a commercial. There may certainly be entertaining elements about the commercial production, but entertainment is not the main purpose behind it.



When people see a commercial, they know that they are going to be sold to. Once you know what the audience expects of you, you can follow a guideline for where your story goes. Some commercials are wildly crazy, while others are relaxed and realistic. It is usually a good idea to match the video’s style with the company’s brand. A young, upbeat company could have a commercial production that is both funny and relaxed. But a serious company should have a more straightforward video.


To summarize, the type of video we do is determined by the medium we shoot it in. The timeframe is based on the purpose of the video. The specific story is based on the purpose. And the style of the video is based on the brand. But at the end of the day, it always comes back to serving the client’s vision. For more information on our New Orleans video production services, be sure to contact Adrenaline Broadcasting today.

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