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How we develop compelling stories

With every New Orleans video production we do, there is always one consistent element. Great video projects all start with an idea. Every New Orleans marketing and entertainment project must have a purposeful idea behind it. The desire for a project often comes from the client’s needs. But the project doesn’t actually come into being until we have a tangible idea for a story. Whether or not the idea comes from the client or from our creative team, there are certain ingredients that every compelling story needs. Here are just some of the ingredients that go into our creative development process. This creative process reaches everywhere from our New Orleans marketing to web video production.


The need for an idea

Obviously, we don’t have a story without the main idea. So what is it that you, the client, want for your video? If you want a commercial, is there a certain offer or brand statement that you want to communicate? Once we figure that out, the hard part is deciding how to get the audience interested. You cannot simply explain a service. You have to show why the audience should care in the first place. The need for the service needs to be a part of the actual offer. Once those two things are decided, we can start building the general story.


Organic story

The video cannot be like one of those commercials that clearly breaks from the entertainment just to sell a service. It has to organically involve the service within the story. If it doesn’t, then the audience will feel like they are being pandered to. Take for instance our First Robotics NYC Gala Feature. The video uses multiple testimonies of various people involved in the First Robotics program. This is done in order to show how the program is changing lives. The message is clear: positive impact. However, it is not a blatant message. It is told through the peoples’ stories. This is how our New Orleans video production team uses storytelling to market a service. As a side note, this is also one of the many benefits of our New Orleans marketing company specializing in visual storytelling.



After the story has been scripted, it is time to figure out how we are going to shoot it. The actual shooting of the project is almost just as important as writing it. Because this is where we decide how the audience is going to witness the story. The script is the ‘what’, and the shooting is the ‘how’. So, when we plan the production, we make sure to keep all visual and sound elements within the story’s context.


There are many more technical essentials that are needed for an admirable video production. But no matter if we have high definition cameras or 4k video editing software, the project is nothing without the story. For more information on our New Orleans video production services, please feel free to contact Adrenaline Broadcasting today.

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