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How style helps tell a story in video production

What is it that separates a bland video from an engrossing one? What is it that makes a commercial grab someone’s attention? The answer is not just the story. It is actually how the story is presented. Just because you have an interesting story, doesn’t mean that it can’t be told in a bland fashion. The same works vice versa; sometimes the simplest stories can be presented in an extremely entertaining fashion. So if you have an interesting concept for a video, you will need an interesting style to go along with it. Here are a few ways in which style helps our commercial production team tell a story.

Style of the Atmosphere

A video’s style is meant to bring out the emotional power of the story. This means more than the genre (i.e. comedy or drama). It means that the story must reflect the personality of the story. If the situation features loose and funny characters, a rock n roll aesthetic might work. If the story is meant to be inspirational, then perhaps classical music will match it. Ultimately the style is dictated by what emotion you want the audience to feel. And that goes all the way back to the brand.

Style of the Brand

Corporate video/commercial production is not just about telling a literal story. It is about showcasing a brand. This is especially true for marketing and commercial production. A company’s brand is based on an emotional feeling that the audience has towards the company. So what better way to showcase that brand than through sound and visual storytelling? By interjecting your brand’s style into a commercial or corporate video, brand awareness will increase on an emotional level. If your brand is about freedom, then the commercial should feature open roads, bright skies, and empowerment (that’s just a suggestion of course).

Style of Individuality

A great asset for brand awareness is making your company/service stand out from the crowd. A unique visual style naturally allows your company to do that. And at the end of the day, that is what these stories are about. Corporate video production is all about telling stories to showcase the company’s uniqueness. And with your video project in capable hands, we can guarantee that we will give your company the style it deserves.

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