Pre-planning preparation for New Orleans live event production companies and New Orleans video production.

Preparation Essentials for Live Event Production

Whether it is a concert, presentation, or live interview, live event production companies must always prepare for what can go right or wrong during a production. A firm respect for Murphy’s Law is what makes live event production companies successful. For Adrenaline Broadcasting, Our New Orleans video production team have come to understand that there are a few essential principles that enhance the success of most live presentations. In order to showcase what we can provide for your project, here are a few key preparation ideas for live events.


Pre-planning interview questions

One of the most commonly used strategies for live video interviews is already knowing the answers to the questions before you ask them. The person conducting the interview will discuss with the subject(s) what the questions before hand so that nothing too shocking will come of the event. The interviewer will be able to handle the situation with dignity and control, and the subject(s) will appear as professional as possible.


Technology checks and back ups

Sound and Picture checks are always necessary for a live event, but there is more to it than just having the performer say “testing, 1, 2, 3.” Every possible piece of equipment needs to be tested for how much stress it will go through.


Safety Preparations

No matter if it is for a concert or an interview, it is always essential to have protection for anything that can naturally go wrong. Thorough security checks ensure that the public is safe from any threats among them. Good weather protection is always a plus since we all know live concerts can get ruined by unexpected rain. If an outdoor (or sometimes indoor) event has to relocate due to weather dangers, then it is best to prepare ride accommodations for everyone, and (if reasonable) an alternative setting to continue the event.


Ultimately, most types of contingencies reflect both the reliability and productivity of live event production companies. When it comes to our New Orleans video production team, we all understand the value a good time has on any group of people, large or small. And so when we see presenters and audience members have satisfied looks on their faces in a safe environment, then we know that we have done our job well.


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