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What makes great videography?

With all of the keys to great film and video production, we at Adrenaline Broadcasting would like to take a moment to talk about the camera. What really separates a great videographer from a mediocre one? What will make a company’s corporate video or commercial appear professional and enticing to watch? There are actually a few answers to this question. In order to showcase the respect that we hold for the videographer, here are a few essential elements needed for great videography.



Next to having a camera, it is impossible to have any kind of videography without lighting. Photography literally means “writing with light”. So it makes sense that lighting should be manipulated to give off the best possible look for your video (live action and animated). Certain lighting techniques are made for the best visual appeal for audiences. However, these looks vary depending on the right genre of video.



Now that we’ve discussed illuminating the frame, it is time to discuss what is actually in the frame. The composition is an arrangement of the items being shown in the picture. In order for our videos to look as eye-catching as possible, the videographer has to place the important items in the most eye-catching part of the frame. This is called working with the “Rule of Thirds.”



Since good video needs to showcase a live setting, that means that we can’t have any images looking flat. Depth is accomplished through a combination of elements. One of these is showcasing the perspective between objects in the foreground, and objects in the background. This may seem obvious, but these types of images can look unintentionally flat as well. That is why lighting and the depth of field need to be manipulated in conjunction with the perspective in order to make the audience feel as though they are really there in the environment.



At the end of the day, any videographer would not be able to use these elements without a story. Much like how a note helps build up a song, a shot helps build up a video. When shooting any kind of scene, the videographer must always keep in mind that these are not solely meant to be used as a collection of pretty pictures. They are meant to build a story. When the story motivates each of the components of a video production, then the most important part will be complete. All that remains is to make the telling of the story interesting, and with a highly skilled videographer on your side, that will be nothing to worry about.


If you are ready to make some movie magic for your project, please feel free to contact Adrenaline Broadcasting for all of your videography needs.




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