Colored pencils. Represents color theory for videographers and editors.

The Power of Color in your Video

Directors, videographers, Key grips, and editors focus on many different things when putting together a video project. However, one of the things that they always come back to is color. Color theory is very important in portraying the look and feel of a video’s story. It can mean the difference between an amateur video and the most engrossing visual feast possible. Here are just a few ways that color can be manipulated in order to manipulate the emotions of your viewers.


Individual color meanings

Have you ever noticed how red is often associated with love, but also anger? Why is that? The reason why is because those are the emotions people feel when they see the color. Red is meant for excitement, which all of those things feature as their common denominator. So when videographers and editors showcase a specific color in a commercial or corporate video, it can give the audience an immediate, psychological response. A color such as black can often mean mystery or suspense for the story. However, a brighter color such as yellow would allow people to let their guard down and immediately feel calm during the video.


Color = Brand

None of these color choices are good or bad. They are merely different shades of emotion. And if you want your brand to be well represented, it needs to be represented through the colors in the video. Depending on the company, this may be something as easy as showcasing the colors of the brand logo.


More Colors for Complex Storytelling

Now all stories feature at least more than one emotion being presented. So often you can’t have a video that is all red or green. The complexity of your brand can be showcased with the various colors in the commercial. However, what many commercials tend to do is use the brand’s colors in a positive light, while using contrasting colors in a negative light. This is a very subtle way of showcasing an evolution in the video’s story.


Be Exciting

There are many ways that color can be manipulated for the benefit of the video. But no matter if the video is minimalist or extravagant, the main point is to not be boring. Good color should intrigue the audience within those few minutes of screen time. And that is what each of our directors, videographers, key grips, and editors all strive for with every project. For more information on how we can bring some color to your next video project, be sure to contact Adrenaline Broadcasting today.

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