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Motion Graphics: What is it, and Why You Need It

There are many necessary elements of a proper video production other than simply having proper video and audio. There is a needed level of pizazz for every video, from the shortest TV spot to the largest live production. One of those elements of presentation is motion graphics. But what exactly is motion graphics? And how can it make a video appear more professional and enticing?

Motion graphics is the practice of adding the illusion of motion to images and/or text. It essentially makes a digital movie out of something that would naturally be stagnant. It is produced through a combination of animation and graphic design. Motion graphics can have your logo dance, your titles pop, and create beautiful moving backgrounds out of digital elements. It is something that heavily populates film, TV, and internet video marketing.

Technically, motion graphics can be done by anyone who simply downloads a professional program. However, if we are speaking practically, not everyone knows how to use those tools. It takes a real level of expertise, passion, and training to create true professional quality graphic animation. Just because one has the tools, doesn’t mean that they have the expertise and skills to use them yet. Luckily, Adrenaline Broadcasting has both. Our team brings an enticing and unique level of taste to each project. There are special elements of every motion graphics project. Whether they are working on the color, animation, titles, or overall visual appeal, our employees have a long range of experience working on various projects in the past.

If you are still wondering if you really need motion graphic images for your project, then take a look for yourself. Compare the ads out there that you see. Notice exactly how many ads don’t have some kind of moving title or image and how many do. You will probably find that it is extremely hard to think of one commercial or corporate video without some kind of moving digital object. Motion graphics may be all around, but as mentioned earlier, not everyone can do it on their own. If you would like to hear more about how we can create bold and exciting animation for you, be sure to contact Adrenaline Broadcasting for more information.

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