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How We Make Your TV Commercial Stand Out From The Crowd

Television commercials are naturally at a disadvantage. They occupy that small space in between scenes of everyone’s favorite TV show and most people see them as filler until their show comes back. Most viewers usually take the time to use the bathroom or get something to eat. But there are a select few commercials (usually around the Super bowl) that people will rush to the TV in order to catch a glimpse of. So what chance does your commercial have? The answer: every chance in the world with the right creative team behind it. Here at Adrenaline Broadcasting, we employ creative storytellers and technicians who can compose eye-catching stories that keep the audience fascinated after their show is finished.


The hardest part of any commercial is getting the audience’s attention. Speaking from experience, 21st-century audiences have a very small attention span for advertising (and entertainment in general). This is likely due to the saturation of so many content choices. The key is to start your commercial off with a hook. A hook is an image or situation that guarantees a powerful story. The color, setting, sound, character, and atmosphere has to be something that the audience will think “oh wait, I’ve got to see how this ends.”

Service in the Story

That is how to create interest in your commercial. Now you just have to keep the audience interested. Far too many commercials keep their service outside of the story. In other words, there is little to no connection between the service and the story at hand. Take for instance this common type of commercial: Two characters are in trouble, they come across an opportunity to talk about your service, and then they go back to handling their trouble. The audience immediately ignores the commercial after they realize that they are being directly sold to. Now consider a commercial where your service solves the characters’ trouble. The audience’s interest will be held until the end because they actually want to see the story finish. The service pitch is a byproduct of the actual commercial. No one wants to be directly sold to while they are watching casual entertainment. You have to make the sales pitch apart of the entertainment.

With the highly talented writers and technicians by your side, you will be able to showcase your service to an audience with open ears. For more information on our TV commercial opportunities, be sure to contact Adrenaline Broadcasting.

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