How Graphic Design can be enhanced through Video

The thing about Graphic Design is that it is meant to tell a story all on its own. It is the communication of ideas through visuals and text, rather than through basic prose. Whenever you see a logo, painting, collage or similar art form, it communicates a multi-layered message to the viewer. Now imagine that combined with a video, which communicates multi-layered messages through different fashions. When graphic design is combined with animation and video, it can add a new layer of dimension to your branding/marketing presentation. Here are a few ways that video/graphic design can be a game changer in your branding and marketing enterprise.


A New Layer of Energy

One of the things that separate Graphic Design from basic text communication is the fact that it carries a sense of energy to it. Whether it is a simple pop letter, or an optical illusion, graphic design makes images feel alive and implies motion through color, position, and style. But no matter what you do with it, the image is still stiff. This is fine for a magazine article or a logo placed on an inanimate object.

However, our digitally dominated society is surrounded more and more with video and animation. If you want to enhance your brand, you have to adapt to the times. Through animated videos, designs will appear livelier than ever before. A waterfall design can actually flow. A dog design can actually bark. Gifs and animated logos are appearing everywhere to advertise companies of all shapes and sizes. So there is no reason why your design can’t be transformed into an animated masterpiece.


Greater Audience Appeal

Aside from the obvious energy that an animated design/logo features, it can also carry a better effect on your business through psychological factors. That might sound a little weird at first but think about it. As mentioned earlier, still designs appear still among the various, dancing animations in the media.

This unwillingness to advance will make the company that the design represents seem stiff and not in with the times. Therefore an animated design will benefit your brand through staying up with the current trends. Whether you are using the design as a logo, character, or mode of introduction, it still represents your company’s brand. Therefore the question is: how much is your brand in-tune with the times?

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