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The power of 4K video

A great concern among filmmakers in the last two decades has been whether or not digital cinematography will ever surpass film. Although aesthetic arguments can be made, the picture quality of digital is now equal to, if not superior to top-notch film. If that wasn’t proven before, it certainly is now with the introduction of 4K video resolution. 4K (AKA Ultra High Definition or UHD) is currently the highest standard in digital cinematography and television. It is comprised of roughly 8 million pixels and all the rage in the digital community. But what makes it so special? What is the advantage that Adrenaline Broadcasting carries for implementing 4K into their production? Here is a proper introduction into what makes 4K video editing and production so powerful.


Allure of 4K

Whether you are a tech-enthusiast or just a casual viewer, you can just instinctively tell that something seems different when you see 4K video. It is a presence that alerts the viewer and subconsciously instructs them to pay attention. The reason for this is because when we see familiar video resolutions, we are subconsciously made aware that what we are seeing is a normal video. We know what film, TV, and news cameras all look like even if we don’t realize it. However, when someone sees 4K, it is like their familiar mediums, but enhanced. It stands just enough so that it doesn’t put the audience off. It instead entices them in.


Responsibility of 4K

That alluring effect naturally draws the audience in, however, 4K requires more than just pretty pixels. One has to know where to point the camera. 4K is a tool, and a tool is nothing without the hands of a trained craftsman. The most important thing to remember with 4K video editing and production is that it is not the tools that makes the overall product. It is the crafted people behind the tools that make it what it is. And here at Adrenaline Broadcasting, our skilled storytellers and technicians loved to use the finest tools for the sole purpose of producing the finest stories. Whether it is for Television, commercials, or web media, Adrenaline Broadcasting always strives for the best possible production outcome.

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